Roger Marks Economist

Photo by Dave Harbour

​​Trained in economics and accounting at Brown University and the University of Maryland, between 1983 and 2008 I was a senior petroleum economist at the State of Alaska Department of Revenue Tax Division. There I had a fundamental role in the design of the statutory and regulatory structure of Alaska’s oil and gas production tax, and the modeling of the entire commercial composition of Alaska’s oil and natural gas industry.

My career work reflects careful consideration of the various ways situations can be framed.This provides a means for looking at the problem from different perspectives, being mindful of the interests of all parties. Clear communication to make complex ideas understandable is emphasized.

Since 2008 Roger Marks Economics has been a private economic consulting practice in Anchorage, Alaska, specializing in petroleum, energy, and resource economics, finance, and taxation. This has included economic modeling, feasibility and due diligence analyses, solving tax problems for clients, and serving as an expert witness in litigation and legislative proceedings.