State of Alaska Legislative Budget & Audit Committee
Design and evaluation of State of Alaska oil and gas production tax, and fiscal terms for major natural gas export project. 

City of King Cove
Economic feasibility and financing study for proposed hydroelectric facility, and structuring power and waste heat sales agreements.   

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)

Socioeconomic impact analysis from offshore oil and gas leasing.

Trans-Alaska Pipeline Owners
Economic issues relating to assessment for ad valorem property tax.

Office of the Federal Coordinator / Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects 
Evaluating inherent subsidies for an in-state natural gas pipeline.

Institute for Social and Economic Research (University of Alaska – Anchorage) 
Citizens guide to petroleum – chapters on facility sharing agreements, gas handling capacity, and how investment decisions are made.

Independent oil and gas explorers/producers
Modeling of production tax liability associated with exploration prospects.

Major oil and gas explorer/producer 

Assessment of international taxation issues as they relate to tax liability for state and federal corporate income tax.

State of Alaska House Finance Committee
Design of tax credit for natural gas storage facilities.

Van Meurs Corporation  
Analysis of comparative international petroleum fiscal regimes.

Various Commercial and Investment Banks, Private Equity Firms, and Hedge Funds 
Assessment of commercial activity in Alaska.